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  • 48" H x 34" L x 27" D Taille

    48 po x 34 po x 27 po
    Poids total du produit
    7,1 lb

    65" H x 24" L x 20" D Taille

    65 po x 24 po x 20 po
    8,5 po x 10 po x 10 po
    Poids total du produit
    18,69 lb

    Autres dimensions

    5,5 po x 14 po x 14 po
  • Caractéristiques

    Type de planteFeuillage
    Couleur de la plantevert
    Matériau de la plantePlastique
    Plastique, fil de fer, matériaux de polyester, styrofoam et colle
    Pièces inclusesN / A
    Base incluseOui
    Pot de fleur
    Utilisation à l'extérieurNon
    Entretien du produitEssuyer avec un chiffon doux et sec
    Pays de fabricationChine

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    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

    Lindsay on 31 janv., 2017
    from UT

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

    Agnes on 08 janv., 2017
    from The Villages, FL

    Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

    Nicole on 05 mars, 2018
    from MN

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

    Kayla on 14 mai, 2017
    from Miramar, FL

    Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

    April on 20 févr., 2018
    from Brooklyn, NY

    Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

    Audra on 26 mars, 2017
    from Charlotte, NC

    Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

    Elizabeth on 21 août, 2017
    from Minneapolis, MN

    Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

    Gretchen on 04 janv., 2018
    from Carlsbad, CA

    Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

    Paula on 23 janv., 2018
    from Edmonton, AB

    Rated 3 out of 5 stars.

    Erin on 07 avril, 2018
    from Cincinnati, OH

Les clients ont acheté

    • Définir les fonctionnalités différentes variétés de la plante d’Agave
    • Afficher ensemble ou se propager autour de la maison
    • Aucun arrosage ou l’entretien nécessaire
  • Looking for ways to add a creative touch to your home? Bring home this Bay Isle Home Paradise Palm Tree in Pot, which will surely do the trick. Standing 84" tall, this majestic beauty adds life to any decor. It packs 21 natural looking fronds that burst outwards in every direction from the main stems. The black coloured plastic pot with faux soil provides strong support to the tree and complements to the look of this stunning creation.<br/><br/>Made from polyester, each palm leaf is carefully crafted with a lush mix of feathery shaped leaves. This versatile tree will look simply astounding in a summer garden or even in your living room. Club it with other plants in the balcony to bring out the best from this paradise palm tree. It gives the impression of a real palm tree but doesn't need water like one. It guarantees to offer years of hassle free beauty.<br/><br/>The lush green fronds of this faux palm tree are eye catching. Clean it regularly with a dry cloth to maintain its quality. The entire plant is extremely lightweight making it easy to relocate as and when required.

    • Emballé avec 21 frondes
    • Créez une déclaration en gras avec cet arbre
    • Woven Plantter vendu séparément
  • This beautiful Cycas tree will draw positive attention to itself for a variety of reasons. The 15 leaves of foliage are incredibly robust, comparable to a fountain like cascade of greenery. This tree is also UV resistant, protecting it from the sun, and making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. Ideal for home or office, it also makes a fine gift.

    • Matériel: Plastique, fil de fer, matériaux de polyester, styrofoam, colle
    • 15 feuilles moelleuses
    • Résistant aux UV / intérieur-extérieur
    • Coloration vert foncé
    • Jamais besoin d'eau
    • Le produit peut devoir être reformé lorsqu'il est retiré de la boîte
    • Essuyer avec un chiffon doux et sec
    • Le produit peut être expédié comprimé - Il peut être nécessaire d'apprêter des branches ou des feuilles pour correspondre à l'image montrée
  • Add a touch of rustic whimsy to any space with this absolutely eye-catching faux sansevieria floor plant, featuring a simple plastic design and rounded wood planter. Set it in a midcentury modern-inspired living room to play with clean-lined furnishings and simple wood tables. For an eclectic, Southwestern-inspired look, arrange this with weathered wood benches and seats, then set out earthy ikat rugs, cowhide upholstered ottomans, and colourful patterned pillows around the room to tie the ensemble together. For artful appeal, try arranging small cactus succulents on hanging wood shelves above, then tie the whole look together with Western-inspired canvas prints and rustic accents.

    • Parfait pour la maison ou au bureau
    • Fait un beau cadeau
  • Give your space a splash of eco-friendly style with this lovely Leaf Floor Foliage Tree in Pot, nestled in a classic black pot. Let it lend a verdant touch to a neutral-hued living room seating group, or add it to the master bath for a calming accent to relaxing at-home spa days.

    • Evocative of sandy shores and a cool island breeze, this faux palm tree offers a touch of tropical flair without the pricey plane ticket or any upkeep. Set within a brown wicker basket with woven details, this plastic piece showcases a textured trunk with green silk palm fronds up above for a dash of verdant appeal. Artificial dirt within the base completes the design with another nod to natural style.

      • Accent parfait à n'importe quelle maison ou bureau
      • Matériel d'arbre: Soie
      • Panier en osier décoratif
      • Frondes de palmier vert foncé
      • Couleur verte
      • 48" Option a 28 feuilles
      • Les dimensions sont mesurées du bas vers le haut de la plus grande feuille étendue
      • Les feuilles doivent être reformées lorsqu'elles sont retirées de la boîte
    • This striking Palm Tree in Basket can instantly freshen up the decors of your home or office. Get it now to experience the beautifully handcrafted artwork of an authentic looking tree to introduce an element of the orient in your home. Featuring a highly detailed trunk and lush green leaves, this Palm Tree in Basket is perfect to leave a lasting impression on your guests or clients. Place it in your office table top or on the dining table at home and treasure its beauty. With a partially-exposed root system and soft leaves, this attractive faux tree is sure to catch everyone's attention. It is fitted into an oriental-inspired planter filled with artificial soil. It is perfectly sized to suit any office or small living space. This stunning tree makes a perfect gift as well. Your friends and relatives will be pleased to accept this lovely tree as a gift for any reason. This faux palm tree is made up of plastic and polyester material, which facilitates it to last for long without demanding water. It is available in multiple sizes; hence you can make the right selection as per your need.

      • Matériel d'arbre: Soie
      • panier en osier
      • Couleur verte
      • 32 feuilles
    • Sword-shaped fronds with shallow-toothed pinnate gently curve down to gracefully. The Boston Fern is a classic houseplant overflowing with evergreen tiny leaves giving the plant a full and luscious look. Place up high on a pedestal, hanging basket or up on a windowsill for a simple touch of greenery.

      • L'ensemble comprend 2 fougères
      • Matériel inclus: Non
      • Prêt à accrocher: Non
      • Le matériel suspendu doit être attaché
    • An effortless blend of simple sophistication and breezy, tropical charm, this lovely faux palm tree lends a touch of garden charm to your space without all the maintenance of a real plant. Defined by a polyester silk design in green hues, this palm tree brings life-like appeal to any space. Set it in the foyer to define an empty space next to the entryway console, or nestle it between 2 arm chairs in the living room for a resort-worthy look year round. For a fun, unexpected touch to your holiday ensemble, wrap this design with colourful fairy lights and shimmering garlands, then leave it bare in the springtime surrounded by faux florals and other plants to bring the garden indoors.

      • Bring those tropical island experiences home with you with this dazzling golden cane palm. This visually pleasing little tree will make you feel like you never left your favourite vacation spot. The wondrous fronds of this palm cascade over to create a beach style setting in your own home. Accompanied by a lovely decorative planter, this is truly a piece to enjoy for years to come.

        • Frondes de palmiers tropicaux
        • Beau planteur décoratif
        • Jamais besoin d'eau
        • Parfait pour n'importe quelle pièce
        • Le vase ne peut être utilisé qu'à l'intérieur

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